Now 3000 km

This is the view in the place in Hiltulanlahti, south of Kuopio in Finland, near the lake Kallavesi, where I stayed the night at my cousin Seija Pursiainen and her husband Taisto.
I checked the distances now and I have now biked 3036.9 km since we started together with Aleksandr Vasiljev the 26:th of May 2012 in Juoksengi.

Uppdateringar och smultron

Det är lätt att cykla men svårt att få tid till att uppdatera bloggen. Slänger ut en hel del på Facebook – ni som är där ser. Märkte också att besöksfrekvensen här är relativt liten, det är säkert bra att blogga, men det ger inte så stort utbyte.

Sätter in en bild i alla fall, kommentera gärna, ni som läser här.

Ja, det är smultron. Men ingen idé att fara dit, jag har ätit upp alla :-)

A very strange accident

Well, at first, everything is fine now. But it was not a couple of days ago. We went from Lögdeälven to Örnsköldsvik (Bonässund) and stayed at the home of Anna-Maria and Oskar Wedman. Thank you very much for the hospitality and hope to see you in the north later!

From Örnsköldsvik the small accidents started by me byuing maps for whole Sweden and then forgotting two of  them on the bike! And yes of course then it started to rain and was cold and went dark. We tryed to find a place to stay, but did not. And then came the ACCIDENT!

When checking the way with iPhone in the dark the earphones fell off. Half a kilometer later, near the Veda bridge, there was this uphill and I tryed to change gears to lower when everything stoped with a terrible noise. Checking the bicycle chain I saw that the whole gear was ripped loose and demolished.

The green picture above shows what was left, notice that the small wheels in the gear are not there anymore.

… yes, and it was raining, it was dark, we were wet, it was cold and the bike would need a major repair and suddenly also Alex was gone in the dark. I shouted out, but could not see him…

But after a short time that seemed like hours my friend Alexandr Vasiljev returned. Down at the beach he found a small shed that was open. It was near the small harbour and people propably repaired some things for the boats. Two short bunks in the maybe 1,5 x 3 meter big shed. … and when joking with Alex that there was also an electric lamp in the sealing he tryed the switch and WOW – there was light!

Well, next morning we found out that there was a bus going from the village Veda to Härnösand. We walked up to the village and took the bus from there into the bigger town, Härnösand.

By phoning to Intersport in Härnösand (thanks Tarja for internetresearch on distance) we found Håkan who promised to repair the bike. It took a while and we went to a Chinese restaurant to eat very much.

And yes with a repair that costed me almost 2000 Skr the bike was ready for the road again at around 19 o´clock.

Some steep upwards and downwards before coming to Y. Alex got the idea to use the landmark for climbing competitions.

At late evening we came to Lisbeth Jakobsson in Alnö and got a real nice soupe. Lisbeth is the chairwoman for Naturskyddsföreningen Sundsvall, the local branch of The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. We told about the threat against the Khibiny national park once more, read about it herehere and here. All the text is in Swedish, but there are links in English. Please use the letters and send them, very simple way to act.