Tarja´s first bike trip, at last

Kajaani – Salmijärven tienhaara Kontiomäen suunnassa – Kajaani, 24 km

Today I rode my first longer trip (if not counting rides between home and office). I had bought earlier a bike computer and now I installed it on my bike. Weather was great at first but in the end it started to rain a little and it got much colder.

At first I was somehow nervous about how it’s going to be… But after having left the city behind I started to enjoy cycling and realized I don’t have to worry about the speed so much – it’s the first trip and only the distance counts now.

I made a mistake not taking anything to eat with me, only water, so I noticed on my way back, that I had to stop and buy a hamburger because of the lack of energy.

Now, after the trip I feel great 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll do this again.



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