Problems and solutions

During our biketrip today and also earlier we noticed and also experienced some problems. Much of them are due to our amateurism aroung biking and yes, it is good to get the lessons before the big trip instead of making them in the middle of it.

Problem Solution
1. A screw in a clip in the biking shoe got untight and the clip get jammed when I was trying to take away the shoe. Dangerous!

1. Always make shure that the screws in the clips are correctly tightened. Make it every day. This is important!

2. When putting up the bike standing the wind blew down the bike several times. This can brake things in the bike or in the bags. 2. Don´t put up the bike, put it down on it´s side. Or find a very stable wall.

3. The backbags from Biltema are maybe good when looking at the waterproofness. But the holders keeping the bags on the side of the panniers rack (pakethållare) are too week and also made of a bad plastic. So one of them got broke.

3. Made a phonecall to Biltema. They promised to send new holders/hooks. After almost 2 weeks and some more telephonecalls they have not yeat arrived. Are these bags reliable?

4. Too little air in the tyres. 4. Just to put in some more air. It is soo easy…

5. The front lamp broke ones more when the bicycle fell. 5. Bad construction!

6. Straps loose in Tarjas bike. 6. Have to tighten and check often. These are dangerous as they can go into the wheels and make them jam.

7. The gear shift in Tarjas bike did not work properly. 7. Have to check the function.

——- ——-

One thought on “Problems and solutions

  1. Min cykelfärd börjar 24 juni i Laappenranta (Villmansstrand) där jag hakar på Urpo & Tarja fram till Sankt Petersburg. Det blir mitt första besök i Ryssland och som f.d. polack har man från barndomen fått en komplex bild av jätten i öster med inslag av rädsla, misstänksamhet och humor som sedan bytts ut i ren nyfikenhet. Med tiden kommer säkert relationen mellan länderna att normaliseras, inte minst efter flygolyckan i Smolensk.

    Mina tidigare cykelerfarenheter består i tuff grusvägscykling i Anderna mellan Cajamarca och Chachapoyas i norra Peru med höjdskillnader på ca 2500 meter.


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