Juoksengi – Övertorneå – Juoksengi 54,8 km

Today it was a trip to Övertorneå to make a lecture. The trips are registered in Every Trail through iPhone:

Juoksengi – Övertorneå – 1 h 5 min, 25,5 km, average speed 23,3 km/h, max 45,6 km/h
Övertorneå – Juoksengi – 3 h 13 min, 27,7 km, average speed 8,6 km/h, max 35,3 km/h

The organization for cooperation between the Nordic countries, Föreningen Norden, arranged a seminar in Övertorneå Folkets Hus this day, the 19:th of May 2010. Actually it was the Norrbotten branch of Föreningen Norden. The seminar was about how to gain and learn from each others experiences about environmental education between the countries. About 15 people had gathered this very beatiful day. I was invited to make a speach about ”The seriousness of the Climate Change”.

Here is a short resume of the seminar in Swedish.

Participants in the seminar in Övertorneå.

Greger Toolanen from Tornedal.se takes picture of the people from Föreningen Norden.

Went back from Övertorneå in a strong headwind (motvind). Stoped of course in Kattilakoski.

The waterlevel in Torne river is rising, here is Kattilakoski.

In Kattilakoski there is a door to freedom 🙂



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