Some walking in Kajaani

Lots of meetings, lots of new people, lots of talking about climate. That is a typical day I asume… 🙂

Sat a while on the local library and wrote about yesterday. That was while Tarja and Tuula Heikkinen tryed to make the new film, Into eternity working for a public show. Well, it did not work, mainly because the film never came with the mail delivery…

Tuula – a new friend in Kajaani

Went to the hospital, local one here in Kajaani and asked about my arm from a nurse that said after some simple examination that she could not give any guarantees, maybe it will work, maybe it will not work. Well, I do not have pain only when pressing with a finger.

Tarjas bike is now fixed, well it was good that I was along, because they had not fixed the thing with the wire on the wrong place. We bought chains and some tools for keeping the bikes alive :-).

Well, now at last, I got my iPhone working. It was SO simple, something that the support of maybe 7-8 people in Saunalahti could not manage to solve. Thanks to a very nice lady in Elisa shop at Kauppakatu here in Kajaani it was solved. The thing was to write in APN the simple word ”internet”.

In the center of Kajaani I also find a bookstore and bought a good biking map for the rest of the trip in Finland.

The jacket I brought with me from Sweden is terrible. Bought a new yellow one from a second hand shop.

Yes, and the walking in Kajaani is possible to see in Everytrail, check here

There are actually some photos there also.

The result for the day:

– less money – and yes, that means more CO2 (sorry!)

– walked around the city maybe 4 km

– sat in Tuula Heikkinens car for 2 km or so (more CO2)

– one new friend in Facebook 🙂



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