From relative to relative

Todays trip was from Rautavaara to Nilsiä. This city, yes it is a city, has about 6500 inhabitants. This is also the place from where my father originally came from, but in those days it was a village.

The trip went smooth, maybe because it was plain and downwards. We have now passed most of the really heavy ups and downs. Maybe also the rain 🙂 there was none of it today.

In Nilsiä we met up with my fathers cousin and her husband, Laila and Heikki Kainulainen. Nice too meet once more, it was about a year last time.

We have been reconsidering our plans and when we came to Nilsiä and looked at the map we realized that we have to cheat ones more and take the bus from Kuopio to Savonlinna. Tarja has not yet got acquainted with the sadle and it is not wise to keep up the speed more. The time we have to be in Lappeenranta is Friday at 12.25 to meet Adrian. Adrian – be on time!

After some really good dinner and sauna these two bikers ”died” inte the soft bed.

At the border to Nilsiä town.

Silene dioica, puna-ailakki, rödblära

Lastukosken kanava, the canal of Lastukoski


Urpo, Heikki and Laila. Relatives.

Todays achievement with the bike computer:
Time biked: 3 hours 34 min
Distance: 56 km
Average speed: 15,67 km/h

With Everytrail
Time: 5 h 30 minutes
Distance: 54,3 km (now I assume we know why the distances are shorter – the gps smoothens down the distance, the bike computer counts every meter)
Average speed: 9,9 km/h
Top speed: 54,3 km/h



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