We have a business card!

Yes, in Nilsiä we finally did it. We got ourself a business card. You see it above. We found a photostore, Syvärin kuva and a nice lady, Jaana Rovio who helped us with the technical part. And well then there was the photo to be taken…

By asking a couple of persons the question ”Are you a professional photographer?” the first answered no, the second said ”-Yes, how did you know?”. The person was Tauno Kasanen who have had the firm Foto-Kasanen Ky between 1963-2006 in Nilsiä. Well, yes, a real professional photographer took our photo! Thank you Tauno and Jaana / Kiitos Tauno ja Jaana!

Before leaving Nilsiä we went to the Kermilän kivet, the Kermilä stones, that is a memory of the Taskinen ancestors. The stones have been placed there by the Taskinen-Taskila sukuyhdistys and physically put on place by Heikki Kainulainen (my fathers cousines husband who we stayed at in Nilsiä) and Pekka Taskinen (my cousin).

The bike for a coffelover

Kinahmi, behind this mountain my father was born in Laitisenmäki

We passed Sänkimäki. Near a sightseeing tower we met other bikers, with a motor, that was Kari and Päivi Jauhiainen from Nilsiä. 

In the crossing to the big road to Siilinjärvi we bought a kalakukko from a teacher from the Tornion ammattikoulu, it is interesting how good a business card is in those moments.

Before Siilinjärvi we met a biker, with own motor. That was Seppo Tolonen who bikes every day to work – good! Thank for the nice talk!

We were very late to my cousine and his wife, Pekka and Sinikka Taskinen in Vuorela, about 10 km north from Kuopio. They had prepared a good meal, really good! Kiitos Pekka ja Sinikka!

When we came to Kuopio it was late. We could see the famous tower of Puijo from distance. My cousin (yes, I have many!) Pertti Rönkkä met us and we could use his empty apartment for sleeping over. Thank you Pertti!

Todays achievement with the bike computer:
Time biked: 4 hours 26 min
Distance: 68,4 km
Average speed: 18,12 km/h

With Everytrail http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=675272
Time: 10 h 50 minutes
Distance: 54,4 km (battery went down, this is not correct, note the straight line)
Average speed: 5 km/h
Top speed: 51,6 km/h



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