Cheating with bus

We had to do this – take the bus from Kuopio to Savonlinna. Still, there is too little time to go to Lappeenranta and be there on Friday the 25:th of June at 12.25 when Adrian meets up.

Before leaving Kuopio we met Pertti Rönkkä ones more in his office. He gave us a map to the bus station in Kuopio.

A nice lady, Tarja Nuutinen, followed us to the bus station.

The bus for Savonlinna went 12.00 from Kuopio and arrived to Savonlinna at 14.45. Found a nice recycling shop, Kierrätysmyymälä. Could not buy anything, but still it was nice to see that a good idea also works in Savonlinna, people give away their things and other people buy.

A thing to fix in Savonlinna was our bikes. Some small things, sound from the pedals in Tarjas bike and the chains in mine. Everything was fixed by the nice persons in Sports Gear Service.

We went to Olavinlinna, the castle of  St Olaf in Savonlinna.

Our goal for the day was Luhtinen, just outside Savonlinna. There I have a cousíne (you are not surpriced?) Marjatta Piri and his husband Markku Seppälä living. There we also got some nice food and also a place to sleep.

Marjatta Piri and Urpo

Rose Piri, the daughter of Marjatta.

Annika Kretschmer, a nice au-pair from Germany.

Markku Seppälä, Tarja and Marjatta Piri.

Todays achievement with the bike computer:
Time biked: 1 hours 11 min
Distance: 16 km
Average speed: 13,52 km/h



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