In the beginning of Volga – Синцово

Today we should come to Cheboksary :-). Well, we can be shure that it will not happen. We have come to a small village, Sinchova (Синцово) about 60 km from Ostaskov (Осташков). To come here we took a shortcut that,yes, was shorter, but at the same time really heavy. On the roads sand. Have you tryed to bike in sand? Then rivers without bridges. Then bogs and swamps with mud. Have you tryed to bike in mud?? We can insure you that in the Russian mud it is impossible… and then we have not mentioned the roads! But this is an experience we would not want to be without! We have seen beatiful Russian forest (Русский лес) from the inside. We have experienced a biodiversity of plants and birds that we would not have seen along the big roads with cars and cars… It was a real relife when we after hours of pushing our bikes and sometimes biking some meters came out and saw this big church in Ширково.
Now we are at the summerhouse (дача) of Natasha Korvi and Konstantin Korvi and his family. A day of rest. Ева (Eva) sits near and reads a very thick book about medicinal plants. She is eleven years old.


2 thoughts on “In the beginning of Volga – Синцово

  1. Hej ni två, hoppas allt går bra. Hälsningar från Tammerfors, där jag sitter i en kabinett ännu en timme. Sen hem til Kajana! Det är värkligen nöttigt at Urpo kan rysskan, eller hur, där inne i rysska skogar. I hela Finland det har varit så underbart varmt, +29! Kanske dethär väder kommer att stanna här ända till nästa veckan. Please take good rest when ever possible. Tarja, I really admire your courage to do this! best rgds, Pirjo

  2. Terkut Sarilta ja hyvin voivalta Pekeltä Tarjalle! Kävin vihdoin lukemassa teidän kuulumisia ja katsomassa kuvia. Mahtava matka ja ootte jo vaikka missä asti! Hyvää jatkoa!


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