Disappearing Arctic Ice 1987 – 2014

Very good illustration on what is happening to the Arctic Sea Ice.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Of all the visuals I typically present in my dog-and-pony shows on the road, the most stunning and convincing is this animation from NOAA.
What it shows is that, as incredible as the loss of Arctic sea ice extent has been over the last 4 decades, the loss in VOLUME has been even more significant.
Below, the most recent graph for september sea ice extent minimums up to 2014. Note the huge drops in 2007, followed by much ballyhooed ”recovery”, then the drop in 2012, and subsequent ”recovery”.
In Denierville, the sea ice is always ”recovering”, even as it slips steadily away.


Here, a typical Fox News headline promising sea ice recovery.  Note – the exciting science menu promises us a whole section devoted to ”Dinosaurs”. (I love dinosaurs!)



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