It is good to tell straight forward, I’m not in Paris yet. I’m in Tournai in the hotel d’Alcantara now. 

At this moment Run for your life arrives in Paris. You will be watching for the yellow and red velomobile there, but it will appear there two days later if everything works out. 

There are some excuses I would like to tell in my defence, not arriving in time to Paris. 

Nice people along the way – they slow you down. Just some mentioned; Leena and Jouko, Irene and Kauko, Bella, Mervi, Matti, Riku, Elina, Pekka, Leo, Laura, Paloma, Tapani, Antti, Steven, Ilpo, Risto, Hanna, Ginerva, Hilkka, Ulpu, Alice, Marika, Juha, 李政諭, 林伯松, Fredrik, Anders, Merike, Beatrice, Björn, Åsa, Eleonore, Ulrika, Greger, Sverker, Per, Anna, Gert, Anders, Sven, Pella, Maria, Hans, Lars, Svante, Kristina, Carina,  David, Malin, Linnea, Eva-Lena, Jenny and David, Mats, Cecilia, David, Björn, Annika, Staffan, Isabella, Christina, Jakob, Liselotte, Susanne, Lisa, Elisabet, Susanne, Inga and Tomas, Frank-Peter and Elisabeth, Helena, Karin, Krischan and Antje, Harry, Lena and Henk, Allert and Eva, Theo, Henny and Gerard, Elina and Pieter, Emil, Linnea, Noora and Matti, Auri, Nieves, Carlota, Peter… and sorry for those I forgot in the list. 

Trouble with the velomobile:
– The distance and speedmeter.
x Fixed in Nyköping with help from Mats, but I lost 62 km
– The middle teethwheel broke before Bremen.
x Fixed momentary in Bremen (Fahrradies in Achim)
x Fixed by Allert in Velomobiel.nl
– Crack in frame.
x Fixed by Allert in Velomobiel.nl
– Warning blinkers malfunction.
x Fixed by Theo in Velomobiel.nl
– Lot of untighten screws.
x Fixed by Allert in Velomobiel.nl
– Oil in Schlumpf-gear.
x Fixed by Allert in Velomobiel.nl
– Puncture.
x One so far at 12395 km mark. fixed my self in Scheele.

Malfunction of the velonaut.
– Problem with muscle in neck. Not fixed yet.

It has been sometimes cold, snowstorm, ice, snow, rain and headwind. Nothing to do about that.

Enough with my excuses. Sorry about not living up to your expectetions. 

But there are no excuses for the countries to fail in Paris during COP21!
Even though I’m not there yet. 


2 thoughts on “Excusez-moi

  1. Bra jobbat Urpo! Vi hejar på dig från Brån, synd att du inte kunde ta vägen förbi här som du hade planerat. Välkommen på Kullar & Klang i juni!


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