From Finland to Enköping

We just had this slight battery problem, mentioned earlier. The battery was sent to us from Denmark and the receiver for the package was Akkutalo in Oulu. The last possible day to get it was the 22nd of June. After that we would have to cancel the Swedish part of the trip. And it arrived! Akkutalo also fixed the old battery, so now we have three batteries.

The rest of the story then shortly; train Oulu – Helsinki, boat Helsinki – Stockholm, first night in Sweden at Pär Holmgrens place outside of Uppsala, next night in this hotell in Enköping.
… and some photos, maybe not the best, but you can fill in the blanks 🙂

The hotel in Enköping

Suddenly so many velomobiles!

1000 years ago.

Arken is owned by IOGT-NTO-rörelsen – the congress we are heading towards!



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