Арктический велонавт – на русском языке

Урпо Таскинен, который живет над Полярным кругом, продал свою машину и решил никогда не летать на самолете и не ездить на машине, чтобы не загрязнять окружающую среду, показывая миру, что даже в одиночку можно уменьшить выбросы углекислого газа.
Он отправляется в Париж на мировую встречу по климату (COP21) на своем веломобиле на 3000 км.


Arctic velonaut – Arktisk velonaut

A documentary made by Tamara Souchko. Here is the English version. Released the 7th of October 2017.
En dokumentär gjord av Tamara Souchko. Här den engelska versionen. Släppt den 7 oktober 2017.

The last of Strada

Sitting on the ferry in the Stockholm archipelago. Some hours from now my Strada will have a new owner. It will move to Tullinge, south suburbs of Stockholm. She has served me well. And yes, it must be a ”she” because the name ends in an ”a” :-)… Or maybe a ”hän” (Finnish neutral expressing both genders) or a ”hen” (the new word in Swedish expressing gender-neutrality). What ever, she will have a great new home!

Enjoy some of the last pics. From Juoksengi, Övertorneå-Aavasaksa (the border Sweden-Finland) and Helsinki. 

3434 km

I had to count… The direct bike distance Juoksengi – Paris is the shortest way 2978 km. Google maps says that. As I took train and ferry in some parts and also biked a week around in Helsinki and two weeks around in Paris my trip was cut off some distances and added some. Start the 8th of November and return home the 21th of December. 

But, ok, I’m satisfied with the 3434 km. And for everyone who thinks it was hard – sorry to make you disappointed – it is much easier than you can imagine. 

Velomobile in a city – from Helsinki to Paris

The short video above shows a calm situation in the center of Helsinki in the corner of Lönnrotinkatu – Mannerheiminkatu – Pohjoisesplanadi. Well, calm when not being in the middle of the traffic with the velomobile.
It has been good to make some citybiking training in Helsinki which at this point will not from my point of view be the biking capital of Europe. There is still some towns before Paris, let´s see which one will be the best.

… and yes, this morning our thoughts go to my destination town, Paris.

My tweet from this night:

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Run for your life in Helsinki

Run for your life in Helsinki

Now it’s there, the logo for Run for your life on the velomobile.
Thank you for help with contacts Matti Nieminen at Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (Suomen Luonnonsujeluliitto) and for a speedy work Juha Tuohino at Scanseri. Thank you also Marika Eerola at Suomen Luonto (newspaper) for choosing the colour!