The Chinese version

Here is now the Chinese version of the film Arctic Velonaut.


Arktisk velonaut – Arctic velonaut

En dokumentär gjord av Tamara Souchko. Här den engelska versionen. Släppt den 7 oktober 2017.
A documentary made by Tamara Souchko. Here is the English version. Released the 7th of October 2017.

Nyord – velomobila


Blev ombedd av Gösta Eriksson att skriva en artikel till årets temabilaga för Skördefest och Miljödagar i Boden. Det blev en artikel med fin layout och ett helt nytt svenskt ord – velomobila. Google-sökning på ordet ger besked att det finns i någon form på slovenska. Så varsågod Språkrådet, här är ett nyord till listan. Ett annat ord som några har reagerat på är velonaut, det är dock inget nytt ord utan har använts under flera år för att beteckna en person som cyklar med velomobil.
Själva temabilagan, och artikeln på sidan 11, hittar du här.

3434 km

I had to count… The direct bike distance Juoksengi – Paris is the shortest way 2978 km. Google maps says that. As I took train and ferry in some parts and also biked a week around in Helsinki and two weeks around in Paris my trip was cut off some distances and added some. Start the 8th of November and return home the 21th of December. 

But, ok, I’m satisfied with the 3434 km. And for everyone who thinks it was hard – sorry to make you disappointed – it is much easier than you can imagine. 

Home in Juoksengi

  On Monday the 21th of December 2015 at 11.00 I arrived to Juoksengi at the Arctic Circle in Sweden. My start from Paris was on Sunday the 13th, around the same time on the day. It takes therefore eight days to travel from Paris with a bicycle. Of course I have been cheating – ferry over a German river, ferry from Travemünde to Helsinki (two nights) and train Helsinki-Ylitornio (one night). But it is actually easier to make the travel with bicycle than I myself thought. 

Hotel nights 

 If someone is wondering I have now left Paris. Two days biking have brought me 297 km, which is not very much but a bit. 

Two nights in hotels now, near Saint-Quentin and now between Nivelles and Waterloo. In the hotel in Saint-Quentin I met Klara originally from Czech Republic. A bright, nice person able to speak not only good English but also Czech, French, Slovak, Polish, Russian and German.
Here in this hotel in Nivelles in Belgium I have not tested the language skills but good English of course. 

Fossile independent transport sector

Here you have the full workshop from the 9th of November 2015 at the COP21 in Le Bourget in Paris.

In December 2013 there came a investigation from the Swedish Government on how the transport sector can be fossile independent to the year 2030. The Swedish text is here
About Sweden becoming fossile independent you can find information here on the government pages

This seminar the 9th of November 2015 at the COP21 was lead by Mattias Goldmann from FORES, a green and liberal thinktank. Other speakers were Cornie Huizenga from SLOCAT, Björn-Ola Linnér from Linköping University, Christine Lins from REN21 and Hans Göran Folkesson from Clean Motion.

I myself, Urpo Taskinen, made also a small contribution by telling that I biked from Juoksengi at the Arctic Circle in Sweden to COP21 in Paris with my velomobile. The key point in my short speach was that I actually do my working trips in Norrbotten county, an area covering 24,6% (25%) of the area of Sweden. That is bigger than the area of Belgium and Netherlands together!
A velomobile is a fast bicycle, in my case only driven by muscle power. You can read something about the trip in this blog

Fossiloberoende fordonsflotta till 2030. Utredningen ”Fossilfrihet på väg” kom i december 2013.
Sidan med länkarna till utredningen och underlagsmaterialet finns här

Själva utredningen finns här – (del 1) och (del 2).