Arctic velonaut – Arktisk velonaut

A documentary made by Tamara Souchko. Here is the English version. Released the 7th of October 2017.
En dokumentär gjord av Tamara Souchko. Här den engelska versionen. Släppt den 7 oktober 2017.

Run for your life in Helsinki

Run for your life in Helsinki

Now it’s there, the logo for Run for your life on the velomobile.
Thank you for help with contacts Matti Nieminen at Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (Suomen Luonnonsujeluliitto) and for a speedy work Juha Tuohino at Scanseri. Thank you also Marika Eerola at Suomen Luonto (newspaper) for choosing the colour!

Use your Sphere of influence

Use your Sphere of influence

My international friends in Tapiola in Finland. Thank you Irene, Kauko, Peppi, 李政諭 and 林伯松!

Due to Climate Change we have now in Europe something that some people call a refugee-crisis. No, it is not a problem that we welcome refugees in the European countries, that is part of a humanitarian duty that we all have.

The big problem is the reason why this is happening. It is possible to trace back the war in Syria is to Climate Change. Read about it here and here.

Some people argue that we should close both our eyes and our borders. The solution for the crisis is of course the opposite! Open our eyes to see the root to the problems – the Climate Change. And when dealing fully with the Climate Change problems we should at the same time cooperate more to solve the humanitarian crisis! We have our own Sphere of influence in our lives, here and now.

On a small scale basis, while staying with my velomobile here in Helsinki this week I am using my Sphere of Influence in connections with the new friends from The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC, in Finnish Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto). I am on vacation now and, yes, I went to an office-meeting at the FANC office. Just for fun, relaxation and because it is important. I feel that it has so far been a successful vacation in which I met up with some old and many new friends there.

Now also including friends from Taiwan. Did they have any knowledge of velomobiles earlier? Well, no. But they are bikers and got interested. Now they know some more information of that way of transportation and some things about Climate Change and the main solution – let the carbon stay in the ground.

And I learnt myself some more Chinese and got some idea of the wildlife of Taiwan. As for this moment my daily Sphere of influence does not reach Taiwan, but hopefully my new friends can use their own sphere there.

We have a common goal to create a sustainable world. The Climate Change does not take vacation. With a power of 400.000 Hiroshima-bombs every 24 hours the carbon dioxide hammers our only place where we can live in this solar system. Let´s use our Sphere of influence to make the most important change in the human history. If we do not succeed, then the human history ends.

We all have our Sphere of influence. You have your possibility to open your eyes or close them. Those options are in your sphere, no one else can make your choises. What would you like to do?

Yes, the office-meetings are very much the same in all Non Governmental Organizations. And yes, they are in the right direction towards sustainability. Here the weekly meeting at the FANC office.