NOAA Visualization: Disappearing ”Old” Ice

Den här korta filmen är värd att titta på. Den sammanfattar på ca 1 minut en av de många argumenten för att skapa en fossilfri värld. Inte sedan utan NU!

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

I try to show this every time I give a presentation. Many people say it makes an impression, and I’m glad NOAA has updated to 2015.

Watch as the thickest, oldest, arctic sea ice (the lighter colors) disappears over the last 25 years or so – even tho the ice continues to freeze out every winter, the total mass/thickness continues to decline.

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3434 km

I had to count… The direct bike distance Juoksengi – Paris is the shortest way 2978 km. Google maps says that. As I took train and ferry in some parts and also biked a week around in Helsinki and two weeks around in Paris my trip was cut off some distances and added some. Start the 8th of November and return home the 21th of December. 

But, ok, I’m satisfied with the 3434 km. And for everyone who thinks it was hard – sorry to make you disappointed – it is much easier than you can imagine. 

Home in Juoksengi

  On Monday the 21th of December 2015 at 11.00 I arrived to Juoksengi at the Arctic Circle in Sweden. My start from Paris was on Sunday the 13th, around the same time on the day. It takes therefore eight days to travel from Paris with a bicycle. Of course I have been cheating – ferry over a German river, ferry from Travemünde to Helsinki (two nights) and train Helsinki-Ylitornio (one night). But it is actually easier to make the travel with bicycle than I myself thought.