Now 10000 km with Strada

Urpo Taskinen and the Strada velomobile in Luleå the 14th of September 2015. Photo Roine Karlsson, Coompanion.

It too exactly 15 months and 15 days to reach the first 10.000 km with Strada since the 1th of May 2014. It happened on a nightly road between Koutojärvi and Hedenäset in Norrbotten county.
Then that means that in 503 days I biked in average 19,9 km each day and 645 km each month.


Disappearing Arctic Ice 1987 – 2014

Urpo Taskinen:

Very good illustration on what is happening to the Arctic Sea Ice.

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:

Of all the visuals I typically present in my dog-and-pony shows on the road, the most stunning and convincing is this animation from NOAA.
What it shows is that, as incredible as the loss of Arctic sea ice extent has been over the last 4 decades, the loss in VOLUME has been even more significant.
Below, the most recent graph for september sea ice extent minimums up to 2014. Note the huge drops in 2007, followed by much ballyhooed ”recovery”, then the drop in 2012, and subsequent ”recovery”.
In Denierville, the sea ice is always ”recovering”, even as it slips steadily away.


Here, a typical Fox News headline promising sea ice recovery.  Note – the exciting science menu promises us a whole section devoted to ”Dinosaurs”. (I love dinosaurs!)



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”The Fuse is Blown”. Glaciologist’s Jaw Dropping Account of a Shattering Moment

Urpo Taskinen:

This is important. For everyone on this planet.

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:

If you’ve missed the other segments of our interview with Glaciologist Eric Rignot – do not, repeat, do not, miss this one.

Rignot was a co-author of the ”holy shit moment” paper from last spring, showing that large areas of the West Antarctic Ice sheet are now in ”irreversible decline”.
That news made for one of my most harrowing videos of the last year, which you can, and should view if you have not – below the fold.

I’m keeping these clips from our interviews minimally edited – I want the raw video to speak for itself to current readers, and to historians, who will undoubtedly understand all too well why we were peeling our jaws off the floor after this one.

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Iskörning med velomobil – Driving on ice with velomobile

12 december 2014
En tur på Torneälvens is med min Strada velomobil. Försökte undvika blankisen eftersom den är så hal. I det här fallet visade det sig dock att blankisen var lite för mycket vatten, öppen vak på bägge sidor. Då fortsätter man inte så gärna framåt…

12th of December 2014
A tour on the ice of Torne river with my Strada velomobile. Tryed to avoid the smooth ice because it is so slippery. In this case it showed out that the ”smooth ice” was very much water, open water on both sides. In that situation one does not want to continue forward…



Av en ren tillfällighet passerade Josef Pircher från norra Italien den 9 juni 2014 Juoksengi med sin velomobil. Han blev snabbt uppcyklad av en gulröd Strada.
Sannolikheten att få alla (?) velomobiler som då var i Norrbotten på ett och samma kort – ja vad är den?
Josef cyklade upp till Nordkap med sin velomobil (i mitten) och sedan hem till Italien igen.
Foto: Tarja Leinonen

Nu finns en sammanställning av några av de erfarenheter vi har efter ett drygt halvår med velomobil.
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