The last of Strada

Sitting on the ferry in the Stockholm archipelago. Some hours from now my Strada will have a new owner. It will move to Tullinge, south suburbs of Stockholm. She has served me well. And yes, it must be a ”she” because the name ends in an ”a” :-)… Or maybe a ”hän” (Finnish neutral expressing both genders) or a ”hen” (the new word in Swedish expressing gender-neutrality). What ever, she will have a great new home!

Enjoy some of the last pics. From Juoksengi, Övertorneå-Aavasaksa (the border Sweden-Finland) and Helsinki. 

Nyord – velomobila


Blev ombedd av Gösta Eriksson att skriva en artikel till årets temabilaga för Skördefest och Miljödagar i Boden. Det blev en artikel med fin layout och ett helt nytt svenskt ord – velomobila. Google-sökning på ordet ger besked att det finns i någon form på slovenska. Så varsågod Språkrådet, här är ett nyord till listan. Ett annat ord som några har reagerat på är velonaut, det är dock inget nytt ord utan har använts under flera år för att beteckna en person som cyklar med velomobil.
Själva temabilagan, och artikeln på sidan 11, hittar du här.

Maryland Flooding: Climate Nightmare on Main Street

From a horror movie? No, it is for real.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

You may have heard they had a rainstorm in Maryland.

The video above looks like one of those ”found footage” horror movies, especially after 1:40.

Below, human chain rescue of woman trapped in car.

Here, my video shows why climate change makes for stronger storms.

Below, aftermath in Ellicott City.

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On the road again…

The beaty is along the road. Here between Älvsbyn and Tvärån the 8th of June 2016.

It always take a while to realize that you once more are on the road again. On one more of those long distance biketrips that you look forward to and also are a little bit scared off. Did I remember to take with me everything needed? Those small things one takes with on the trip and never then uses…
Is there something in the velomobile I should have checked and that will create a problem on the road? How will the weather be? Where can I stay for the night?
And the most important question, the motor of a trip: Am I prepared for the trip myself?
And yes, then everything comes, the road, the places, the people along the road. The meetings are probably the most important. Everything else is moving from one place to another.

Now I made two days, the 7th and 8th of June 2016. The tripmeter shows 103 km day one and 163 km day two.
Here are the linings for the two first days on Google map:
June 7th 2016
June 8th 2016